3H Rejuvo Plus x 2 units

2罐 x 3H Rejuvo Plus 450g
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SKU: HW-HF0630-V4

3H Rejuvois a formula that is mainly made up of whey protein, isolate soy protein, soy bean and oat. This specially formulated 3H Rejuvo not only nourishes our body with the vital nutrients but also specially designed for people who have poor management of blood sugar, blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

Benefits of 3H Rejuvo

-Regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels

-Aids in weight loss

-Helps in reducing blood pressure

-Relieve menopausal symptoms

-Improves mood and nutrition absorption

-Boost energy and increase endurance 3H Rejuvo is

Suitable for:

-Poor blood sugar management

-High cholesterol patients

-High blood pressure patients


-Overweight or Obese people -Under-nourished people