HairPlus [200ml x 3unit]

HairPlus 200ml x 3 unit
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《HairPlus 髪旺旺》 For Oily Hair, Hair Loss & Damaged Hair 脱发专用 创新技术

Use a variety of plant extracts, the ingredients are natural and safe









✔Specially designed for hair loss and scalp problems, suitable for men and women 专为脱发设计,男女适用

✔Deeply clean hair follicles and remove severe scalp odour 洁净毛囊,去除严重头皮异味

✔Improve hair loss and baldness conditions, restore thick hair改善脱发及秃头问题,恢复浓密头发

✔Improve dandruff, itchy and oily scalp problems 改善头皮屑、头皮发痒、油性头皮问题

✔Nourish hair and strengthen hair roots 滋养头发、强韧发根

✔Stimulate scalp metabolism and promote hair growth帮助头皮新陈代谢、促进头发生长


  1. Squeeze about 2ml on your hands and rub it lightly before touching the scalp.挤出约2ml 洗发露在手上,轻微搓揉后才接触头皮
  2. Massage the scalp with your fingertips for about 2 minutes, from the scalp to the hair. Rinse the scalp and hair, Repeat the above steps once.用指腹按摩头皮约2分钟。从头皮顺延至头发搓洗头发。把头皮头发冲洗干净,再重复一次以上步骤。
  3. From day 1 to day 3, wash your hair once every morning and night.第1天至第3天,每天早晚洗头各一次。4. Starting from day 4, wash your hair once a day.第4天开始,每天洗头一次。
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