MK13 Facial Spray 100ml x 2 units

Brand: MK 13
2支 x MK13 FACIAL SPRAY 高科技脸部护理水 100ML
送 1 x MK13 Facial Spray 30ml
三场DietChain直播拼单消费滿 RM1500 再送一瓶 x MK13 100ml
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MK13 ​is a water formula containing high essential minerals that promote faster cell rejuvenation, better skin firming effect, smoother blood flow and healthier complexion. The water in MK13 is processed using Quantum Molecular Technology to reduce the size of most of the large water clusters, so that it will be easily absorbed by your skin and help your skin cells to rejuvenate. Plus, MK13 contains 100% natural and safe concentration of trace element compounds. MK13 can be sprayed into eyes or mouth directly because it does not contain any chemical additives.

MK13 is chemical free and contain no preservatives. the rich essential minerals in MK13 function as:

  • pH Balance – Natural Bicarbonate compound contained in MK13 helps to balance skin’s pH.
  • Anti-bacterial Agent – MK13 contains natural Sulfur compound which is the key ingredient for the synthesis of collagen which also acts as an anti-bacterial agent.
  • Anti-inflammatory – Natural Zinc compound within MK13 acts to treat acne and pimple.
  • Anti-aging Agent – MK13 contains Selenium compound which protects cells and tissues from getting damaged by free radicals.

MK13 是一种富含肌肤所需矿物质的水配方。​它能加速肌肤细胞自我更新,使皮肤紧致有弹性,确保皮肤血液循环顺畅及拥有更光滑健康的肤色,使用高科技术- 量子分子科技,把水分子分解成最小单位,并且这样会让肌肤更加容易吸收,同时间也帮助达到修复细胞的功能,拥有100%最天然的成分, 不含任何刺激成分和化学成分,适合任何肌肤和可以适用于眼部及嘴部。

MK13​ 不含任何化学成分或防腐剂,富含主要的矿物质可帮助:

  • 恢复皮肤红润神采–碳酸氢盐化合物 对维持细胞酸碱平衡有重要作用。
  • 天然抗菌剂 –硫化合物 能促进胶原蛋白合成,也是绝佳的天然强力抗菌剂。
  • 治疗粉刺痘痘 – 锌化合物 作为抗发炎剂帮助治疗粉刺青春痘。
  • 使皮肤天天亮丽 –硒化合物 作为天然抗氧化剂使细胞组织免受自由基破坏,更具有抗衰老作用。
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