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Akuariz Gamat Sea Cucumber Extract 亞古历金海参精华胶囊

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What You Get:

Bundle 1:
1 x Akuariz Gamat Sea Cucumber Extract 60 capsules
Bundle 2:
2 x Akuariz Gamat Sea Cucumber Extract 60 capsules
FREE 1 x Akuariz Gamat Gel 60g

Product Features:

AkuaRiz Gamat Extract Capsules is specially formulated and approved by Ministry of Health with specified dosage of 67mg of pure Stichopus horrens extract in each capsule to bring forth the wellness of gamat upon consumption.

  • Promote joint health & alleviate knee pain due to arthritis, strains and sprains
  • Support strong immune system
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Promote wound healing
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve overall blood pressure
  • Assist in balancing blood sugar
  • Protect against gastric ulcers
  • Promote stem cell proliferation & facilitate reduced liver damage

Usage: 2-3 capsules once daily after meal
Storage: Keep below 30°C, away from light and moisture


An essential tool in your First Aid kit, Gamat Gel can be applied to cuts, insect bites, and minor burns. Innovatively formulated with anti-inflammatory gamat extract and aloe vera, the gel promotes skin healing and skin regeneration for minimal scarring.

Effective for:

  • Relieving pain from cuts, wounds, scalding and insect bites; soothing sunburn;
  • Promoting healing of diabetic wounds, burns and abrasions,;
  • Easing itchiness due to rashes, skin ailments or wound healing;
  • Treating minor skin conditions;
  • Moisturising as its rich contents of antioxidants, minerals such as zinc and Vitamin E
  • Hydrate skin making it more supple;
  • Regenerating skin cells due to gamat’s healing properties.

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