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[CLEARANCE] Ecolite Pipagao with Bird's Nest Plus + Beauty Paste 益康牌燕窝枇杷膏 300ml + Ecolite 燕窝雪梨 (四季膏)

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What You Get:
3 x Ecolite Pipagao with Bird Nest Plus 300ml
1 x Ecolite 燕窝雪梨 (四季膏) 450g

Min product shelf life of 12 months

Product Features:

Ecolite Pipagao

  • Ecolite Pipagao with Bird’s Nest Plus  is made of 16 kinds of valuable Chinese medicine and bird’s nest
  • It tastes delicious and is suitable for children and adults
  • The season is changing, and hence, symptoms of discomfort in the throat are prone to appear
  • Ecolite Pipagao with Bird’s Nest Plus can soothe the throat and relieve discomfort
  • Reducing phlegm and symptomatic relief of cough, sore-throat and body heatiness

Product Usage:

  • Children age 1-6: 1/2 teaspoon
  • Children age 7-12 years: 1 teaspoon
  • Adult: 1 tablespoon
  • 3 times a day, shake well before use

Ecolite Beauty Paste:

  • 蓝/润:燕窝雪梨 四季膏
  • 专属你的《美丽膏招》;十分女人:三分天生,七分养
  • 燕窝雪梨 四季膏:清热润肺,养颜润肤
  • 珍贵食材黄金比例
  • 甜:1)低聚半乳糖浆 2)椴树蜜
  • 遵守古法 八道工序熬制香醇浓稠膏滋
  • 不当,燥小姐;再见,寒小姐
  • 30倍浓缩精华:1勺(约15g)= 450g 食材 / 一瓶 = 13.5kg 食材的浓缩精华
  • 温水冲服,也可直接食用。
  • 存放于阴凉和干燥处,远离阳光。

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