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Hatomugi Skin Conditioner 薏仁化妆水

RM 73.00
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What You Get:

👉 2 x Hatomugi 薏仁化妆水
附送: 🎁 1 x 喷头

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Product Features:

Skin Conditioning Gel - This moisturizing gel is light and non-sticky, yet deeply hydrating for the skin. Containing the maximum amount of water possible, it smoothly glides over the skin with a refreshing sensation, sinking deep into the skin as soon as you apply it. It replenishes the skin's moisture content and keeps the hydration inside, all without relying on heavy oils. It does not leave your skin feeling greasy or coated in product, yet keeps the skin moisturized all day, making it perfect for a variety of uses. Use it as a beauty cream, as a non-oily moisturizing makeup base, or as a refreshing all-in-one product. Perfect for moisturizing skin all over the body.

I-mju Hatomugi Skin Conditioner enhances the permeability of your skincare and thus enhancing the effectiveness of your skincare. It is specially formulated to target various kinds of skin problems, such as loosen pores, fine lines and skin aging. It contains adlay which is enriched with Vitamin B1 and B2 help clear acnes and improve the problem of uneven skin tone.*

It can be used as toner to balance skin’s acidity, smoothen skin, enhance skin’s elasticity and moisturize skin for all day long.

In addition, there are several usage of Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner and it will become the must have skin care item for all seasons.

Hatomugior Job’s Tears

Job's tears is a broad-leaved, branched grass. It is native to China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. It is considered a nutritious health food in Asian countries. The seeds of Job's tears are tear-shaped and come in several colors including yellow, brown, white, and purple. The seeds are sometimes used as ornamental beads. The root and seed of the plant are sometimes used as a medicine.


  • 因是薏仁的成分,所以有着亮白美肌提高润泽的功效,以及改善整个肌肤的肤色!
  • 另外,能够改善肌肤的粗燥让肌肤水润柔滑就像吸收满满的水分一样!
  • 它能在算时间内达到高效保湿的效果,湿敷后皮肤的状况真的有加分,滑滑嫩嫩的非常保湿!
  • 妆前使用有定妆的效果, 睡前敷就能达到保湿的效果!
  • 它完全是无香料、色素添加的最自然化妆水!
  • 它有着天然的植物保湿成分,所以敏感肌、干燥肌等所有的肤质都能够使用!
  • 质感方面不浓稠,使用后清爽好吸收!
  • 补水保湿 - 渗透肌肤,充分补水
  • 细致毛孔 - 薏仁成分助力肌肤生成透明质酸
  • 嫩白柔肤 - 肌肤自然透亮
  • 改善肤质 - 大量补水,调整肌肤状态
  • 晒后修护 - 修护晒后灼热,肌肤清凉舒适


  • 它可以滋润你的肌肤,并且能够达到锁水的效果-锁着在肌肤上的化妆水!
  • 它有着高渗透性,能让肌肤更快的吸收重点是一点也不没有黏稠感还非常的清爽呢!这尤其是对干肌肤者真的非常有效!
  • 除了定妆、湿敷,还把它当成紧急面膜来敷真的是多种用法啊!就算天天用,一天几次都完全不会觉得心疼呢!

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