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VITACEUTICA Agaricus Blazei Murill (Medicinal Mushroom) 巴西蘑菇(姬松茸)

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What you get:
👉 1罐 x VITACEUTICA(60颗)

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Agaricus Blazei Murill
“Medicinal Mushroom”

"Healthcare is an industry almost as old as humanity.
There are ancient remedies that are still remain effective today.
The use of medicinal mushroom is one good example.”

“ABM” , originated from Brazil
“Royal Sun Mushroom”
“Himematsutake" in Japan
“巴西蘑菇”, “姬松茸” in Chinese

  • 提升免疫力,抵抗力
  • 改善三高(胆固醇,血压,血糖)
  • 保护肝脏 (抗炎,改善脂肪肝)
  • 消炎,改善牛皮鲜肌湿疹
  • 减少疲劳
  • 富含活性多糖体(B葡聚糖1-3/1-6)
  • 增强免疫力,激活自然杀手细胞,抑制病原体包括细菌,病毒,癌细胞及突变细胞。
  • 减缓化疗副作用


每降 1%的糖化血红蛋白

  • 37% 眼、肾&神经系统的并发症
  • 43% 血管疾病而遭受截肢
  • 16% 患心脏衰弱
  • 12% 中风

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