SAVLINK PLUS Radiation Protection Meter x 1 unit

原价RM3099 限时优惠价RM2899 [折扣RM200]
1台 x SAVLINK PLUS 防辐射仪 12m
SIZE 尺寸:175MM(L) X 65MM(H) X 175MM(W)
VOLTAGE 电压:220 - 240V
24个月 保家

每买满RM2000送 1个 x 防雷电插座 [以此类推]
RM 3,099.00
RM 2,899.00

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SKU: HW-HD1262-V2
SAVLINK PLUS to reduces EM Radiation To Protect You And Your Family Long-Term Health
  • Eliminates over 95% low, intermediate and high-frequency EM radiation.
  • Significantly reduces EM radiation around your computer and other devices on WIFI with a coverage area of diameter 12 meter square. (12m²
  • USD 320,000 Product Liability Insurance Cover (Asia Pacific only) 
  • Can be used with a variety of devices, such as laptops, desktops, Smart TV, DVD player, and so on
  • Quick setup and easy to use
  • Radiation clearance range up to 1GHz

How to claim warranty:

1. Customers need to fill in the warranty card.

2. Take pictures and send to whatapps customers service.