About Us

What is eShoplive Asia

eShoplive Asia brings you the best deals from all over Asia for lifestyle shopping on our live streaming ecommerce platform! We have teamed up with a host of celebrities, famous TV personalities, acclaimed actors and actresses, fashionable models, divas, and social media influencers to present you with entertaining, informative, live streaming videos across popular digital and social media platforms. Watch our fascinating product demonstrations and informative videos on the latest fashion, gadgets, and inventions, and place your orders on from the comfort and convenience of wherever you are, anytime you want, even if it is in the middle of the night. Our ecommerce store is open and available to you 24 hours a day, every single day. You can purchase simply by using your mobile phone, laptop, computer, or even your tablet. So like and follow us on Facebook, and watch your favourite celebrities live, showcasing sensational new products, and shop for everything you need and want, from kitchen appliances, household items, electrical goods, digital gadgets, to groceries, beauty and fashion, and more! We have lined up the most exciting, high quality products for you to check out!


Our Story

In an increasingly digital global ecosystem, viewers and purchasers have shifted from watching TV shopping to preferring live streaming videos on digital and social media. The rise of smartphones has disrupted the way people shop. More and more people are shopping through their handphones. They interact on social media and watch videos, all on their mobile phones. Understanding such a phenomenon, eShoplive Asia was founded to reach out to the different segments of consumers in Asia through multiple digital media sites, and provide high quality production of live streaming videos, which are informative, engaging, and entertaining.


Our Team

Our highly accomplished team is very experienced in production and sales in the TV shopping industry, and world class in digital marketing. eShoplive Asia is a game-changer that converges the much-loved experience of TV shopping and popular live streaming on social media sites, and channels purchasers to our ecommerce website, Through audience targeting on social media, we are able to reach out to the right segments of consumers with highly relevant content based on viewer interest, and significantly increase the engagement and enjoyment of our viewers. Unlike conventional TV shopping, the result of every video engagement is trackable and measurable. Data intelligence is gathered on the types of products, as well as the types of video presentations. Through data analysis of viewer response, we are able to produce videos that yield the most response and enjoyment for our shoppers.



We are always on the look out for more partners and vendors to join us on this exciting platform. We look forward to showcasing your amazing products that will enhance the quality of life for our shoppers in Asia. By partnering with us, you will be able to reach out to the right audience for your products. The measurable results gives you valuable insights into consumer behaviour and response, that is not available anywhere else. Sign up with us today!


How can I find out more about eShoplive products?

You can find us at FacebookInstagram, YouTube or website by searching