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Bioresonance Scan x 1 pax

Bioresonance Scan 1 pax
~Organ Analysis
~System function detection
~Diagnose existing problems
~Future Disease Analysis
~Presence of Microorganisms
~Analysis of Psychological Stress
~Order of Healing
~Organs that require attention during treatment
~Live Blood Analysis
~Dry blood analysis
RM 480.00

DNA Epigenetic Analysis x 1 unit

1 Person x Gene Epigenetic Test
- 1 small sampling clip
- 1 container
- Sample instructional videos
- The cost of mailing the sample back to the clinic [1 time]
- Detect more than 15 species
- Online one-on-one explanations from nutritionists, review according to the proposed health review form, and then follow up online again one month later to monitor the client's health progress.
RM 600.00