eShoplive VIP

Benefits of VIP:

成为VIP的好处 :


👉🏻 5% OFF on all orders all year long

全年 5% 现金回扣


👉🏻Additional 5% OFF during VIP Day (28th of each month)

VIP日独享额外 5% 现金回扣 (每个月的 28号)


👉🏻 Exclusive VIP Voucher worth RM 120 upon sign up / renewal

VIP 专享优惠券 (价值RM120 )


👉🏻 Birthday Rewards



👉🏻 Earned eShoplive Coins



👉🏻 VIP Referral Program



👉🏻 Free Shipping (West Malaysia)

VIP 西马免邮 (每个月的 28号)

RM 99.00
RM 88.00

SKU: ES-VIP-0001
Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 : How long does this VIP last?
问1:VIP 资格能持续多久?

A : VIP last for 365 days from the day it is issued to you.

答:VIP 资格会持续 365 天(汇款那天开始算起)。

Q2 : Can I transfer my VIP?
问2:我可以转移 VIP 资格给别人吗?

A : No. VIP is NOT transferable.


Q3 : What happen if my VIP expires?
问3 :如果VIP 资格过期了会怎样?

A : You will need to make a new purchase on VIP as renewal.


Q4 : What happen after my VIP expires?
问4 :VIP 资格过期后会怎样?

A : We will send reminders to inform you about the expiry date and ways to renew your VIP.


Q5 : How do I know if I am a VIP?
问5 :如何知道我已经成为VIP了?

A : An automatic email will be sent to your WhatsApp/FB Messenger congratulating you to join us as VIP members. On top of that, you will see a different role in your account stating that you are VIP member.

答:一旦您成为 VIP,您会收到 WhatsApp/FB Messenger 的通知,除此自外,您也可以看到您的账号是已经升级为 VIP 了。 

Q6 : How do I get FREE exclusive VIP voucher worth RM120 ?
问6 :如何领取额外附送的VIP专享优惠卷 (价值RM120) ?

A : An automatic message will be sent to your WhatsApp/FB Messenger within 7 days.

答:优惠券会在 7天内通过 WhatsApp/FB Messenger 发给您。

Q7 : How do I use exclusive VIP voucher worth RM120 ?
问7 :如何使用额外附送的VIP专享优惠卷 (价值 RM120) ?

A : Voucher will be divided into 8 vouchers (RM15 x 8 voucher codes). You may apply voucher code with minimum spending of RM300 to get RM15 off.

答:优惠券是会分开 8 张提供使用 (RM15 x 8个优惠代码)。您需要在结账时输入优惠代码并消费最低RM300才可以获得RM15的折扣。

Q8 : Can I transfer voucher to someone ?
问8 :可以把优惠卷转让给其他人吗?

A : No. Voucher are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.


Q9 : Can I use multiple voucher codes during checkout ?
问9 :可以在结账时使用多个优惠代码吗 ?

A : No. Only ONE voucher code may be used per transaction. 


Q10 : What is the validity of the vouchers ?
问10 :优惠券的有效日是?

A : The validity period of the vouchers will last for 90 days


Q11 : Do I get eShoplive Coins from this purchase ?
问11 :此产品可以赚取eShoplive Coins吗?

A : NO, this purchase is not entitle for eShoplive Coins. 

答:产品是不会获得eShoplive Coins

Q12 : What is given for the Birthday Rewards?
问12 :生日奖励有什么?

A : VIP membership will be entitled to earn an extra 5,000 eShopLive coins.

答:VIP 会员将有权获取额外的 5,000 eShopLive 积分。



What is eShoplive coins?

eShoplive coins is our official virtual currency that was created to reward our buyers to get discount on their next order.

eShoplive 积分是我们创造的官方虚拟货币来奖励我们的买家可在一个订单获得折扣。


Q1 : How can I redeem and use eShoplive coins to pay? 
1:我该如何兑换与使用eShoplive 积分付款?

A : Tap on “Check Out” > then select “Use eShoplive Coins & Discounts” > “Confirm Order”.

答:点击 “Checkout” >然后选择 “Use eShoplive Coins & Discounts” >“ Confirm Order”

Q2 : What is the conversion rate of eShoplive coins for VIPs?
2eShoplive 积分对VIPs的兑换率是多少?

A : 1 coin will be earned for every RM1 paid. For every 500 coins earned, VIPs can get RM5 off orders from eShoplive.

答:每支付 RM1 将赚取 1 个积分。每赚取 500 个积分,VIPs可以从 eShoplive 的订单中获得 RM5 的折扣。

Q3 : How many eShoplive coins can you use in a transaction? 
3 :在每一次的交易付款时,我可以使用多少 eShoplive 积分?

A : The spending limit for eShoplive coins is capped at 1,500 coins for every transaction made.

答:eShoplive 积分的消费限额为每笔付款交易 1,500 积分

Q4 : Do eShoplive coins expire?
问4 eShoplive积分会过期吗?

A :

Birthday Rewards: Your eShoplive coins will be expire within your birthday month. 

Purchase any items in eShoplive: Your eShoplive coins expire at the end of the third month from the day you checkout.


生日奖励: 您的 eShoplive 积分将于您的生日月份内截止。

eShoplive 中购买任何物品您的 eShopLive 积分将于您结帐之日起的第三个月内截止。

Q5 : Can I convert my eShoplive coins to cash?
问5 :我是否能把 eShoplive 积分兑换成现金?

A : eShoplive coins cannot be exchanged for cash, coins earned can only be used on purchases within our official website.

答:eShoplive 积分不能兑换成现金, 赚取的积分只能在我们的官方网站内购买时使用。 

Q6 : What happen to my eShoplive coins if I cancel order?
问6 :如果我取消订单,我的 eShoplive 积分会怎样?

A : Your eShoplive coins will be automatically forfeited.

答:您的 eShoplive 积分将无法被退返。

Q7 : When will I get my eShoplive coins after I purchased?
问7 :购买后,我什么时候可以收到我的 eShoplive 积分?

A : Your eShoplive coins will be instantly credited to your account immediately or within 24 hours

答:您的 eShopLive 积分将马上户或在 24 小时内汇入您的帐户。

Q8 : Are all the items purchased entitled for eShoplive coins rebate?
问8 :是不是购买所有的产品都可以享受eShoplive 的积分返利?

A : All the items sold in eShoplive official website are entitled for eShoplive coins rebate. Except, purchase and renewal of VIP membership package.

答:凡在eShoplive官网购买商品均可享有eShoplive的积分返利。除了购买和续订 VIP 会员。



What is VIP Referral Program?

VIP Referral is a program for VIPs to earn eShoplive coins by referring new members.



Q1 : How can I refer new members? 

A : Copy the "Referral link" under "MY account" and send it to your referees to register as a new member. (Step by Step Guides)

答:复制 ”My account" 下的 “Referral link" 发送给您的推荐人注册成为新会员。(点击教程)

Q2 : How many eShoplive coins will I get after referring?

A : 5,000 eShoplive coins will be earned for every referral made. 

答:每推荐一位会员就可获得5,000 eShoplive 积分

Q3 : Is there any limit on the number of referrals I could make?
问3 : 我可以推荐的数量是否有限制

A : One account is limited to maximum of 10 referrals


Q4 : How can I check or confirm if I have successfully made any referrals? 

A : Tap on "Click here to view your referrals" located below "Referral Link" to view your successfully refered referee names.

答:点击 “Referral Link" 下方的 “Click here to view your referrals" 以查看您成功推荐的推荐人姓名。

Q5 : Is there any terms and conditions on this program? 

A : Referees would need to make a purchase (no minimum spending) after registering in order to receive eShoplive coins as a reward.