2 units x OligoFibre (15 sachets X 20g)

2盒 x OligoFibre (15 sachets X 20g)
Expiry date: 2025
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Zenwell OligoFibre

Zenwell OligoFibre is a synergistic combination of prebiotic fibre (including Fibregum), 2 Billion CFU of probiotic cultures, Roselle-MetS (proprietary roselle extract) along with enzymes & all natural fruits and vegetables powder. It is a sugar free formulation, does not contain preservatives, artificial flavour and colorant.

Zenwell OligoFibre is a delicious fibre drink, consist of :
11.5g dietary fibre in 1 sachet
25 proprietary blend fruits and vege mixed
12 digestive enzymes blend
 2 billions of probiotics
 4 types of prebiotics: Acacia Gum (FibreGum), Psyllium husk , oligosaccharide, and corn based soluble fibre(Promitor)

Relieves constipation
Promotes gut health
Reduced risk of getting leaky gut
Antioxidant from pure vegetable and fruits powder
Remove toxins from the body
Taste food and high organoleptic properties
Low glycemic index

OligoFibre Key Features:
No side effects such as gas or bloating.
Taste great in natural vegetable and fruit juice.
No artificial flavouring or coloring.
Low in calories
High in fibre content (11.5g fibre content per serving/sachet)
Sucrose & Fructose Free (Sugar-free).
Contains 2 billions CFU probiotic cultures.
100% natural GMO-free.
Vegan friendly.
100% lactose free.
No stomach cramp or diarrhea.

OligoFibre give you the gut health 5R approach

Remove the source of gut inflammation, irritation and hypermeability (leaky gut)
Replace digestive enzymes that may be lacking or sub-optimal
Re-inoculate the gut with beneficial bacteria (probiotics), whilst bolstering existing beneficial ecology with Prebiotics
Repair the gut with gut healing nutrients
Rebalance lifestyle factors to help maintain optimal gut functions


1. Why is gut health important?
A healthy gut contributes to strong immune system, heart health, brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep, and effective digestion.

2. What can OligoFibre offer?
It has all your need, Fiber+Pre & Probiotics + Digestive Enzymes + Antioxidants!

3. Why do we need to take OligoFibre?
To eliminate from toxins, away from feeling bloated, constipated, sluggish, fatigue, bad breath, foggy brain and etc. It helps with the control of blood glucose and blood pressure.

4. Will It cause diarrhoea?
No, the ingredients are natural and safe. It will not cause diarrhoea or abdomen pain.

5. How do I consume OligoFibre?
Mix a sachet into a glass of 125ml water (cool/lukewarm), stir until dissolve and drink immediately.

6. Is a sachet a day enough?
It is sufficient for daily maintenance, however if you have severe constipation, you can take up to 2 sachets in a day.

Direction of Use:
Take 1 sachet once a day mix with half a glass (125ml) of lukewarm water, stir well, and drink immediately.