Zenwell Moribetic 120's x 1 unit

1罐 x Zenwell Moribetic (120's)
Expiry date: 2025
RM 118.00

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SKU: HW-HF0377-V9

Moribetic Product Features

Pure herbal formula
Does not contain western medicine ingredients
Gentle blood sugar control and blood pressure regulation
maintain cardiovascular function
Suitable for co-treatment with drugs

Moribetic for the crowd

Family genetics with high blood pressure and high blood sugar
Prediabetes (fasting blood glucose between 6.1-6.9)
Prehypertension (upper pressure 120-139mmHg, lower pressure between 80-89mmHg)
Patients taking high blood pressure and blood sugar medications

Main effect

1. Regulate blood pressure

Helps relax veins and arteries to lower blood pressure
Improves elasticity of capillaries and blood vessels
Inhibit cortisol that lowers vasodilators such as nitric oxide

2. Control blood sugar

Stimulates glucose uptake by skeletal muscle
Reduce hepatic glucose production
Breaks down carbohydrates and reduces sugar absorption during digestion